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   Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 09:37:03 -0400
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This is extremely important. Please read carefully! What it
described here is real, is potentially devastating and is
progressing rapidly. DO NOT IGNORE!

Jim Quinn, Pittsburgh's top talk-show host, interviews John Whitley,
Editor of The New World Order Intelligence Update, on the "New World Order".

From The New World Order Intelligence Update Web site at
Email: jwhitley@inforamp.net

This is the full text of the interview between Jim Quinn and John Whitley,
Editor of the monthly analytical Newsletter, The New World Order Intelligence
Update, which aired on the widely-listened to Quinn In The Morning Show,
WRRK 97 FM, Pittsburgh PA, on Friday, June 20th, 1997. It has since
been broadcast across the Internet via RealAudio, and can still be heard
in this way on the Quinn In The Morning Show Web site.

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     Gun Control And The New World Order

     INTRODUCTION: Is The "New World Order" A "Kook Theory" Or Mainstream News?

Quinn: All right, now I'm minding my own business last night and I'm just tuning
around the TV dial and I come upon NBC News.

Now there's a guy sitting in for Tom Brokaw...and, in the course of listening to the
news, I hear this curious account..."David Blume with the president tonight. Thanks.
Denver is an especially fitting site for this meeting of world leaders and for the
Russians to be in town. Over the years, from the Cold War to the New World Order, the
city's economy has found a way to thrive on world events." Say what? Wait a minute,
I thought he said "New World Order". Did you hear that? Well. that's interesting. The
last time I checked there was no such thing as the New World Order. I'm really confused
here, folks, I gotta tell you. 'Cause Rush [Limbaugh] tells me that if I believe any
of this stuff I'm a kook! I don't even think that [Gordon] Liddy believes in any of
this stuff, yet I keep getting hit in the face with evidence that something's going
on here.



Quinn: In keeping with the subject of the last break, the subject of the New World
Order - is there such a thing; and, if there is, what is it? And it's interesting
that this should happen all at once here because we've booked a fellow by the name
of John Whitley from Canada, who is an expert on all this. Good morning, John.
How are you?

Whitley: Good morning, Jim.

Quinn: It's good to have you with us. Now, John, I'm going to put you on hold and
I want you to hear a tape of something that is from NBC News that ran last night,
that I played for my listeners just before I called you, all right?

Whitley: Um hum.

Quinn: All right, John, I'll put you on hold here and listen to this tape.

[Tape plays]: "David Blume with the president tonight. Thanks. Denver is an
especially fitting site for this meeting of world leaders and for the Russians to
be in town. Over the years, from the Cold War to the New World Order, the city's
economy has found a way to thrive on world events."

Quinn: Now, did he or did he not say "the New World Order"?

Whitley: Yes, he did. He said more, in fact, than he meant because what he probably
doesn't know is that the Russians and the Chinese got together recently and they
planned their own version of what they called, using the Soviet news term, a
"Marxist New World Order". So the North American elite are planning, they think,
with these folks a global New World Order which is being designed from the West,
but in actual fact the Russians and the Chinese have put their heads together
for their own version....

Quinn: You know what, John...excuse me for a second, I'm a neophyte at all this.
I've resisted this conspiracy theory for a very long time because I didn't want
to be called a kook.

Whitley: Sure.

Quinn: And one of the things I've been telling people for the past couple of
months is, I think that if the David Rockefellers and the CFR and the Trilaterals
and all that, if they think that the Russians and Chinese are going to go along
with them, they're nuts!

Whitley: Oh, no.

Quinn: The Russians and the Chinese, they're going to do this their own way.

Whitley: Exactly. You know, the interesting thing about those two countries,
Jim, is that for well over a decade and a half now they've been tactical opponents,
but strategically they've never changed their partnership and their relationship,
and the United States has been their main enemy. And I just want to mention - I'm
sure that you know this, but many of your listeners don't still - President Clinton
just arranged to make sure that they got the Long Beach Naval Base out there on
the west coast. Not only that, but they're also pretty much anchored on both ends
of the Panama Canal, so strategically they're moving into position while we're
being lulled to sleep.

Quinn: Yeah, we are. And I think that Mr. Clinton thinks that this country is going
to be part of a wonderful global alliance, and that China will be part of it, and
I've been saying all along that China has no intention of being part of this. They
are building a blue-water navy. They're going to keep us out of the Pacific Rim.
We're going to be cut off from trade, and they're going to squeeze us until we
are nothing.

Whitley: That's right. I think that you're absolutely right on that, and I think
that the interesting thing, you know, is that you're probably in the distinct
minority in the media because the perceived wisdom is the exact opposite of that.

Quinn: Oh yeah, the perception is that we need to be friends and trading partners
with China and they're going to love us and all that.

Whitley: And get up on human rights.

Quinn: Yeah, right! And I'm telling you again that the Chinese have absolutely
no intention of doing that and, as you've pointed out on this show, they've
struck a number of alliances, one of them with the former Soviet Union, with
the express purpose of the defeat of this country.

Whitley: Exactly.

Quinn: And these people have got their heads in the sand, and when you put
your head in the sand you get kicked in the butt!

Whitley: [chuckles]

Quinn: Well, you know, the Bilderberger meeting, now this is supposed to be this
meeting of all these people who have concocted the New World Order theory. And
the reason I played that for you, John, is because I find it interesting that
NBC News would use a term - "New World Order" - when it hasn't been defined for
the American people. That doesn't sound like something a news agency would do
unless they'd been directed to do it.

Whitley: Uh huh. Well, you know what's even more interesting is that when the
Davos meeting occurred in February...

Quinn: Which meeting?

Whitley: Davos. It's been called "the graduate school of the elite", and it takes
place always at the same small city in Switzerland - Davos, a very beautiful place.
You can only get there if you're a grandee of international finance, if you're
the head of an international corporation doing more than a billion dollars a year
globally, you pay $28,000 a year to go, or you're a key figure in a Western
agency or government that's important to the topics under discussion. So, to cut
a long story short, one of the wire services - and I was looking for it before
the program - announced that this meeting was taking place, and said [he laughs]
- I swear they use this phrase - "at the annual meeting of the illuminati..."

Quinn: You're kidding!

Whitley; No, I've got it somewhere here.

Quinn: [sardonically] I thought all that stuff was "kook theory".

Whitley: Of course, but here it is. It was either AP or UPI; I think it was AP
that carried the story, and I'll gladly fax a copy down to you when I find it
ust to demonstrate that was the case. But these people are getting much more o
pen now.

Quinn: Yeah, they're becoming very bold now. Now the Bilderberger meeting,
although I believe it was in Georgia this year...

Whitley: That's right.

Quinn ...in the United States. And Hillary Clinton, without any fanfare -
which is unusual because Hillary always gets fanfare wherever she goes: if
she goes to a day care center she gets complete coverage...

Whitley: Well, she is the President. [laughs]

Quinn: What?

Whitley: I said, She is the President.

Quinn: [laughs] Well, yes, that is true. But she delivered the welcoming
address at the Bilderberg meeting down in Georgia, which was written up by
the way by one of the small Georgia papers there. We read that article on
the air. It was interesting. He chronicled the incredible amount of security
that surrounds this meeting.

Whitley: Right.

Quinn: Was anybody there who ratted on what went on?

Whitley: Yes, we've always had good sources. I wouldn't like to be too specific
because they're people who very cautiously we've developed links with, and who
kind of work at a secondary level but who are directly involved with people
who are at the Bilderberger meeting. They are becoming increasingly concerned
themselves with where this stuff is going. So, yes, we do find out what's going
on. Basically what happened at that meeting was they picked up a theme that
was also discussed at Davos and [that] they're really pushing - and this was
discussed at the Trilateral meeting in Tokyo, too - they're pushing for three
regional governments and for the military anchoring of those...

Quinn: The military anchoring of three regional governments?

Whitley: Yes. The whole idea is that you divide the world up into three
governmental zones, and each one will have an enforcement army; and then you
merge those government zones into one, and you merge those three armies into
one. In essence, you get a three-fold world state. And this has been the
long-term plan of the Trilateral Commission, which is how it got its name.
They're going along three lines, trilateral, to one World State. And, of
course, you've got the Asian Union, the European Union, and coming into
existence now, first announced at Davos, privately, is the American Union.
Now we did publicly announce this one week after Davos finished, from our
own sources. We went on the Internet and in our own Newsletter and we said
that it was agreed that there would be a fast-tracking of NAFTA, the North
American Free Trade Agreement, plus SAFTA, the South American Free Trade
Agreement, for a full union by the year 2003, even if just the structure was
in place. And that Newt Gringrich would be backing this and that Bill Clinton
will be announcing it. A month and a half after Davos, Clinton announced this.
So either this was a plan - part of a global plan - or we got very lucky.
[laughs] But we seem to get very lucky most of the time, so obviously there
is a plan there.

That was the first thing they talked about. The second thing that was a major
item for them was an increased role for the U.N., and they're really pushing
for a big environmental scare from this point on, centered around global warming.
A lot of scientists, a lot of articles, a lot of TV programs, all telling us
that the earth is in terrible straits and this needs international attention.
National governments can do nothing about it. In fact, national sovereignty
will get in the way.

Quinn: [sardonically] So we've got to get rid of national sovereignty,
otherwise the earth's going to burn up.

Whitley: That's exactly the case. And also, you see, water knows no boundaries,
and so since one country pollutes the water another country drinks, that again
needs international control.

Quinn: Well, I would suggest to you, John, that this has already begun in the
sudden appearance of an El Nino that is being touted as: "Boy, the temperatures
in the water have never been as warm as this!"

Whitley: Well, I was reading over the last couple of days, and I was looking for
the article, approximately 1200 scientists met and called upon, I think, President
Clinton, to do something about the air. And, you know, their attitude is that
the air is filthy and of course it's getting too hot. So you've got the
broadest-based mandate here. Anything to do with pollution has to do with global
warming. "What we really need to do is put that into the hands of the United
Nations." And then, of course, we'll have taxes, we'll have international
controls, we'll have restrictions on use, elimination of vehicles, limited
travel, all of these things. You can do anything in terms of social control
under that kind of heading.

Quinn: Sure, and with these Heritage Zones that are being created in this
country that are under U.N. control, you can start to determine the type of
land use by mandate.

Whitley: Exactly.

Quinn: I mean, you can move people around, move people off property that you
say is environmentally threatened. There'll be areas defined where humans can
live, where there is limited use, and where there is no human use allowed.

Whitley: Well, I'm sure that a lot of your listeners are going to be very
upset with hearing this, but virtually the entire environmental movement is
funded by these huge corporations that are governed or financed or owned by
these elitists, and one of the key things - in fact, a couple of key things -
that the environmental movement is aimed at doing is firstly providing a
cloak under which you can bring in this kind of social control. You couldn't
say to people, "We're going to control you", but if you say, "We're going to
save the environment by limiting what you can do", people will accept that.
And the second thing, of course, is it keeps resources like additional oil,
like coal, like whatever it might be that's in the ground off the market and
keeps the prices high. So, from both ends, they win with this.

Quinn: Well, in a sense, this is global Marxism, but in another sense it's
different. You can almost see what the Chinese princes have figured out and
that is, "Look, Marxism doesn't generate any wealth, so we're going to have
to nod to capitalism to generate our wealth. But, at the same time, let's not
abandon Marxism altogether because it's such a wonderful way to enslave people!"

Whitley: Exactly.

Quinn: So it's the best of both worlds if you're running it.

Whitley: Exactly. And the interesting thing is, if you go back to Carroll
Quigley, who was the professor of foreign affairs or international relations
at Georgetown, under whom Clinton studied and whom he said profoundly affected
his world view, Quigley in his groundbreaking book, Tragedy And Hope, which got
withdrawn very quickly, within a matter of months after being released, a
thick, well-documented book, revealed that these are the people, the Bilderbergers,
the Trilateralists, the CFR members and their predecessors, because there is a
line of these people, they were the people who in actual fact were behind the
left-wing movements, and had in past history financed Marxism. Again, it was
the perfect tool of social control. And so we've got the contradiction in
Britain, for example, of the Fabian Society, which is a Menshevik, non-violent,
version of the Bolsheviks, founded by British aristocrats. You know, you have
to ask yourself, Why? Because it was the perfect way to present a dream which
you can actually use to enslave the masses.

Quinn: Astounding! I have a lot more questions, John. Can you stand by?

Whitley: Sure.

Quinn: John Whitley, in Toronto, Canada. And we'll be right back.


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