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4/28/07 George Tenet, is he confessing or is he a conspirator?


Usually in high crimes, investigators follow the money trail to find the perpetrator. Not in this case of never-ending coincidences and anomalies. On September 10, ISI agent Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh made a wire transfer of $100,000 to Mohamed Atta's bank account in Florida at the instruction of General Mahmoud Ahmad, the Director of the ISI. "Money man" General Ahmad was in Washington on 9/11, arriving on Sept. 4. He first met with CIA Director George Tenet until Sept. 9, and then met with officials in the Pentagon, the NSC, and the State Department on Sept. 13. The chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence committees Porter Goss and Bob Graham had breakfast with General Ahmad on Capitol Hill the very morning of Sept. 11! (Can you say conflict of interest?!) Due to pressure from the Bush administration, General Ahmad was subsequently forced to resign on October 8, 2001, effectively blocking any further investigation into the matter. (How convenient!)

Ex-CIA Chief Blasts Bush Admin

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4/28/07: Jessica Lynch A Hero or Victim?

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4/26/07 John McLaughlin: Tenet Attacks Whitehouse

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4/27/07 2008 Presidential Debate Part 1

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4/27/07 2008 Presidential Debate Part 2

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4/27/07 2008 Presidential Debate Part 3

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